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Please help me find my brother John!

He has been missing since February 23, 2007!

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John Spira, Chicago Johnny Is Missing: Please Help Us Find Him!






John Michael Spira, 45 years old, 5'8", 165 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes.He has been missing since Friday, February 23, 2007, 7:00 pm. from West Chicago, Illinois.

Resident of St. Charles, Illinois. Last seen wearing blue jeans, black turtleneck sweater, black shoes, olive green aviator jacket.

This is no ordinary guy; as hundreds of friends and relatives will attest. Everyone has something wonderful to say about John Spira who has been missing since Friday, February 23, 2007; last seen at 7:00 pm at his workplace on County Farm Road near North Avenue in unincorporated West Chicago, Illinois.

To report information,

CALL Dupage County Sheriff Investigations:

(630) 407-2321.

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Do You Know John Spira? He's No Ordinary Guy!

John Spira is a very talented man. You may know him.

Hundreds of friends and relatives will attest that John was no ordinary guy; everyone has something wonderful to say about John Spira.

Owner of Universal Cable Construction in West Chicago, Illinois,John was active in community affairs. John, a U.S. Army veteran, was a tank driver stationed at Fort Carson,Colorado,

An electronics and machinery aficionado, a race car builder and driver, and a private pilot;

About to launch a promising aviation venture with Marchetti and warbird training. John Spira was an active, fun-loving guy with a straight-forward approach to life; loved,respected, and admired by all; always helping anyone in need.

Music was John Spira's passion; he has been mesmerizing listeners with his hard-driving, soulful blues for 30 years. John was an accomplished guitar and slide-guitar player with the Rabble Rousers Band prior to his mysterious disappearance.


John placed a cell phone call to a friend at 7:09pm confirming that he would meet for dinner in Oak Brook, IL at 8:30pm, but he was never to arrive. THE LAST PERSON TO SEE JOHN ALIVE WAS HIS "FRIEND"AND BUSINESS PARTNER OF 20 YEARS, DAVID STUBBEN AT 7:15 pm AT THEIR OFFICE. JOHN'S CAR NEVER LEFT THE OFFICE PARKING LOT. JOHN AND DAVE WERE HAVING SERIOUS FINANCIAL ISSUES AT THE TIME OF JOHN'S DISAPPEARANCE. Whatever happened to John could only have happened between 7:10 and 7:45; a very short time frame. When DuPage County and St. Charles police initially investigated the matter in theearly morning hours of Sunday, 2/25/07, John's employees at Universal Cable officially reported a large piece of heavy duty plastic sheeting material missing from the premises. DAVE, the last person to see John alive, HAS REFUSED A LIE DETECTOR TEST AND WILL NOT SPEAK WITH THE POLICE. WHY?

John and his estranged wife, Suzanne, had agreed on the final details of their divorce settlement on the morning of February 23rd, a FACT she has since denied. Why? They had been going through a nasty divorce for 2 years. SUZANNE WAS THE PETIONER. She was FINALLY COAXED into filing an official missing person's report with the St. Charles Police Department at 5:30am of the following Sunday,February 25th, 2007. Their divorce was to be official on March the 8th. Within the first 2 weeks of John's disappearance Suzanne tried to have John's amplifiers appraised at a local music store. Why?The person at the music store refused and reported this to the police. By September of 2007, SUZANNE SOLD ALL THEIR BELONGINGS AND MOVED TO NEW YORK. (She has since been found dead in her home in New York.) SUZANNE FILED PLEADINGS IN THE KANE COUNTYPROBATE COURT AND STOOD TO POTENTIALLY GAIN A SUBSTANTIAL SUM OF MONEY AS WELL AS PROCEEDS FROM A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY IF AND WHEN JOHN WAS DECLARED DEAD. SUZANNE ALSO REFUSED A LIE DETECTOR TEST. WHY

Another interesting fact: On 9/14/07 around 7:30 p.m. some friends erected a very large, 5' x 20' banner attached by 10x4's and 2x4s and solidly placed in the ground, directly across the street fromand facing UCC, WITH PERMISSION of the landowners. The banner had 2 large pictures of John and his missing information. At the time the banner/billboard was being erected, several people were standing in front of UCC but no one offered help. WAS DAVE WATCHING? It was near dark when the billboard went up. John's Business was burned to the ground 48 hours later on Sunday, September 16, 2007. The billboard was nowhere to be found and we do not know when it was removed or if it was burned in the fire. Another billboard put up in the same place shortly thereafter was dismantled. The(now) gutted building that was once home to former Du Page County "Business of the year" nominee, Universal Cable Construction Inc., was co-owned by John's estranged wife and the wife of John's business partner, David W. Stubben. Firemen could not enter the building at the time of the fire because TOO MANY BULLETS were exploding?????

THIS IS A HOMICIDE CASE. The police still call it a missing person's case but those of us who know John, know that he never, ever would have walked away from his life, not ever. In fact, he was very happy on the 23rd because a settlement agreement had finally been reached in his divorce; again, a fact Suzanne denied. We will not give up in our efforts to see that John gets the justice he deserves and that those responsible pay dearly for their horrendous crime against John, his family and those that knew and loved him.

If you would like to contribute to our search efforts please make a donation via the paypal link below

or mail a check to:
The John Spira Search Fund - at Chase Bank, IL1-2520 c/o - John Spira Search Fund - 1825 West Lawrence Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 (ACCOUNT NUMBER: 734664360).

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The Spira family is very grateful for all of your help.

John Spira Missing Two Years!

Thanks for Your Help!

Help find John. Keep your hope and your prayers constant.